Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday wonders - Z

Z is for Zoomer. 

No, not the brand of swim fins for competitve and long distance swimmers.

And, not the name of a toy for kids.

Zoomers are, apparently,  'boomers with zip'.  Baby boomers, that is. Those of us who were born after World War Two when all the service men and women were back home.  The Boomers  have long been known as a demographic for marketers to plunder.  I am a part of that baby boom. 

So, since we're aging and perhaps not as big in the spending department, Moses Znaimer, a go-getting kind of fellow has decided that Canada (and probably the world)  need some new boomers.  So, he's coined a new word and added a whole new generation  Now, you can be a marketing target when you're 45.  I'm sure I'm not being too cynical here at all.

Now when you buy a membership in CARP which I thought was the Canadian Association of Retired People, I discovered that you became a member of this Zoomer thing because Mr Znaimer has bought it all and renamed everything.  No longer 'R for retired', we are now 'R for rejuvenated'.  There's also a glossy and encouraging magazine for Zoomers.

Someone talked me into buying a membership because of my seniors' association role.  I've decided let my membership lapse because I just can't relate to all this zippy aging in this connected sort of way.  To me, that's what we original baby Boomers were.  Original.  Independent.  Non-conformist. 

This is a zoomer.  It is a machine.  It is not a human. 


Ginny said...

Never heard of this. Well, I guess people will buy anything that gives them a youthful aura or perspective!

Mimi said...

Marketing is quite a cynical exercise, so we should all be a bit wary of it.
"zippy aging in this connected sort of way" is really just a way of trying to get us to spend more!
I can't believe you're round to Z again Stephanie!

Rudee said...

I'm a little sick of the advertising and marketing gimmicks, too. I've steadfastly refused to join AARP, even for the discounts.

Ann said...

wen I am home, I change to pants without a zip.

EmptyNester said...

When I think of zips and zooms, I think of kids. And not just because of their youthful energy. Would I appreciate some of their exuberance? Sure. Would I like to have my mind work that way again. Not so much!


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