Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Stash

Not a lot to show for my week.  But it feels like I've been knitting for hours and hours each day.  It's these ruffles.

 Told you I couldn't stop at one.  Some are faster than others but they all made me slow down some.  I think that happens whenever you knit a scarf sideways, though.  And, I think it's nicer in a way to knit them longways on a lot of stitches rather than back and forth on fewer stitches.  The constant turning from row to row is a nuisance, too. 

I kept rummaging in the fancy yarns for yarns I thought would make good ruffles.  I tried a chunky yarn and some mohair/acrylic blends.  For the past two days, I've been working on the teal/purple which is a mohair that knits like very fine lace weight.  It ends up more substantial when knitted up but it's hard to make the increases on big needles and spider web yarn.  I love the springiness of the ruffles - and so soft.  I think almost any yarn would work for this effect.

While I was in a marathon sort of mood, I also made a couple of pairs of baby slippers.  They look huge but are only for the little non-walking babies.  Like booties.  The yellow ones are from the original Debbie Bliss pattern but I made the gray ones first.  I didn't want to do the hard work of making that nifty sole side in the yellow so just made a reverse stocking stitch instead.  I also miscounted when doing the tops and came out with a different cuff.

I wasn't going to put ears or face on them at all but thought well, gray could be a cat.  Hah!  It turned into a rat mouse.  I didn't get the ears pointy enough or something.  I'll make these again...the fussy sole thing, too.  It really does give the sole a more tailored and modern look.  But I will not be making any more ears.  Sheesh!  There were sixteen pieces to sew together - and on the boot - for just these two pair.  This process takes as long as the whole slipper.  And, in case you didn't know, I hate finishing.  Without the ears/face, these are a snap to finish.  And, I think while they are cute, the ears might be impractical.  Not sure why I think that. The original pattern also has a pom-pom tail.  Now that is impractical.  But cute.

So, there's the stash report.  It's definitely going down.  I can see the difference when I open the chest(s) now.  One of the most fun parts of this challenge is searching for patterns that will work with my motley bunch of yarns - many just one or two skeins.  What new patterns can I find this week?  There are so many kind designers who put their patterns up for free.  I am very grateful to them all.


Ginny said...

The first pair is adorable!!! And the second pair is cute, too. They look like little mice!

Courtney said...

I went and got that scarf pattern as soon as I read about it from your last post. I'm almost done with scarf #1. They're fun. I hope it turns out good...I'm thinking of gifting it to someone who wanted something made with my homespun yarn. I'm using a pretty hand-dyed blue in Border Leicester and Alpaca. Love the booties!!

Lola X said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x

Cindy said...

You amaze me with this knitting of yours. First, I just found out that these knitted scarfs were ruffles knit length wise, I never knew that. Then surprised I was at the bunny booties. 16 pieces to finish and sew together, I'd be right there with you on knot liking to finish a project, I mean not. Take care have a great weekend.

Joanna said...

Love those curly scarves! I'm extremely impressed with your output--considering I've knitted exactly nothing in the past 30 years! Looking at your blog makes we want to try again though.

My Kid's Mom said...

I think the bunnies are adorable!

Rudee said...

THose booties are so darned cute. I like the scarves, too.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, the booties are SUPERCUTE! I know the ears a fiddly but they make such a difference. I hate finishing too, don't know anyone who likes it, except maybe darning in the very last end! Ha!
Hasn't the internet and Ravelry transformed knitting, just turn on the computer and click search to get a pattern?


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