Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Stash

Back again with the stash report.  I've just come in from my front porch photo shoot.  The wind was blowing rain at me and I was ducking the flying leaves but I did manage to click the shutter a couple of times.

I've been slower this week.  But that's what comes of being single-minded.  I usually have about four things going at once these days and I work on each - a little bit.  But this week, I was determined to finish the cardigan for Katie.  I call it the Fishergirl's Cardi - there are two bright pink 'fish' buttons which don't seem to show very well.  And it's an adaptation of the warm cabled sweaters many northern fishermen wear.  I love how the soft yarn has made such a tough-looking design very feminine without losing stitch definition. 

And I'm sure you all remember how I cast on for the Herb Garden stole back at the beginning of September.  Sure you do.  I cast on, knit two rows and put it away to work on later.  Then we went on holiday and I kind of forgot about the stole.  I came across it the other day.  I've now done 60 rows.  I'm loving the color.  It's perfect for the days when you wonder if spring will ever come again.  The greens are so vivid and make me smile. 

And, then, the other day, I had a conference call scheduled.  I meant to get some knitting going but left it too late.  So, I grabbed some white cotton yarn and my needles and cast on during the call.  This is what is emerging from the needles.  I call them Snowberry Socks.  Usually, my patterning goes down the foot but this 'berry' pattern wasn't looking like something I would want to wear inside a shoe.  And, I really wanted to make some socks using this stitch pattern.  Compromise position is to have three bands of berries around the leg. 

So, that's this week.  According to my photo labels this is week number 22 of reporting how I've been using up my stash.  One month and a bit to go...


Rudee said...

All of your work is beautiful, but I'm particularly smitten with that cardigan. It's adorable!

Ginny said...

I love how you name your creations, and the names are always so apt and cute!! Loving the colors!!!!

EmptyNester said...

SO cute! Love the pink and the sweater itself! I'll take one...a bit larger please. LOL

Anonymous said...

22 weeks, oh my. Just how many items will fly off your needles this year? As usual every thing is lovely.


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