Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday!


I resisted Black Friday and blacker Saturday.  I can go into yarn stores and just buy that special needle size.  I can squeeze the yarns for their softness and admire their colors.  Then I can walk away and leave them on the shelf.  Because I have Taken The Pledge.

But, now this Cyber Monday thing has been invented to seduce me!   More yarns than I could ever see in a dozen yarn stores are right there at my fingertips.  I need to be locked up.  "No, stay strong", says the clear little voice in my right ear.  "Oh, go ahead", says the smooth voice in my left ear, "You'll be buying again in January.  Then you can use these yarns.  Just put them away until then.  Think of the savings."

So far, I have resisted.  How long does this thing go on for? Just one day?   Hah! Fibbers, all.   Knit Picks lasts 'til Wednesday.   I'm afraid to look at any more.  elann and Simply Socks have quietly slipped their temptations into my inbox.  Of course, I looked.  That's the easy part.

Now, I have you all on my side.  You'll save me...right?


Rudee said...

Eventually, I must stop shopping, shower and get ready for work. I've saved a bundle while waiting for today to shop. I've not been to any online yarn shops. more shopping excursion won't hurt, will it?

My Kid's Mom said...

I must admit that while I avoided black Friday like the plague - I did indeed participate in Cyber Monday this morning.

Emille said...

Oh these agonizing days! My excuse is "as long as I use it" I can buy it:):)

Mimi said...

Not sure whether you want to be told to "stay strong Stephanie" or "ah, go on, you'll save a fortune"!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Sorry...don't count on me! I'm currently trying to sell yarn on Etsy! LOL But, yarn always calls, doesn't it? I agree with you though...feeling it can cinch the sale!!
Stay strong...(I think?)!

Cindy said...

I was surprised to find a bin of yarn while cleaning up the garage, what is it with hoarding yarn and me? It was a bin of Phyntex about 40 years old I'd say and I don't think it is any good either, but still strong.

This internet is an awful easy way to get things you can't normally get. Like me being on an Island a person needs a cyber shopping centre. I can't be any help sorry, I can't even remember how to spell phyntex, lol

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I'm not sure what the pledge was since this is my first visit... but, I'm sure I should have taken it, too! LOL! Yes, my name is Tanna and I'm a yarn addict.

Found your blog by way of Ginny's. I do love to knit and I've hooked... though my friend, Laura, is my real connection to that world. She is amazing.

I'll be following along. So happy to have found another knitter. blessings ~ tanna


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