Friday, August 24, 2012

Fifty Fridays - #4

I've been sorting through photos from my few days away this week.  It was probably the last little road trip of the summer and we had a lovely time. Naturally,  that means my family pics have had a bit less sorting this week.

But I do have one.  This, of course, is me.  It was taken before my 2nd birthday and it was at my Aunt Myrtle's house.  That's my dog Mimi with me.

I don't remember the occasion.  In fact, I don't remember visits to any relatives because we had none on the West Coast.  And everything I know about this photo is from family stories.   At this point in my life, I was called Deedee because I couldn't say Stevie which was my nickname.  Much hated by me and never used beyond the age of four!

The toy dog I do remember.  It was a flattish black dog by the time my memory kicks in.  It's fur was worn thin by then and at least one seam had split.  I can remember straw poking through the hole.  It sure wasn't the cushy soft feel of today's stuffed toys.  Her name should really be spelled Me-me, I guess.  That's what I said when I saw her and the name the story goes. 

 I like my little knitted dress, socks and the white pinafore.  So true to the period. And I like the way I'm laughing.  I wonder what was happening to make me laugh like that? 


Inger said...

I love that giggly smile of yours, so cute.

Rudee said...

You look so joyful in this photo! Mimi looks to be full of adoration.

Angie said...

Your laughter makes me feel so GOOD!!! I must try & sort through my photos - just in case.

Mimi said...

Your laughter is the first and most striking thing about this photo! I love photos where the people are laughing; it's contagious, I'm still smiling as I write this!
I enlarged the photo when I read that your dress was knitted, and glad I did, the dress is lovely.
And Mimi...ah, what a toy!

Pam Lofton said...

Cutest smiling face EVER! You must have just been so happy. I like that wallpaper in the background--she must have lived in an old house?


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