Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday wonders - F

F is for Flowers.  And for Fruit.

There's not a lot flowering in our garden right now.  The nicest part of the garden is the vegetable patch because that's where these beauties are.

That's right!  Sweet peas.  I plant these every year but I don't always get such a lot of color.  Or scent.  This is a great year and these blooms have a strong, carrying scent.  Anywhere when I'm harvesting, I can enjoy them. 

It's funny about the sense of smell.  I couldn't imagine the scent of sweet peas or the aroma of apple pie baking.  Not the way I can a sound or a touch.  But I sure recognize smell a lot faster than I do sounds.  I wonder why that is?

Oh, I promised some fruit, too.  It's no wonder I thought of apple pie...this is the first year we've had any crop - at all - from our little Cox's Orange Pippin.  This year, I think we will be able to fill a medium sized basket.  Isn't it a pretty apple? 


Susan Kane said...

Envious, I am so envious! Enjoy your harvest!

Mimi said...

I love the smell of sweet pea, but never remember to plant them!
Your apple looks great, very healthy. Mine are all small this year, and a lot are diseased. When I say "a lot", I mean about 25%, so about 3 of our total of 12!!
The reason that we recognize smell a lot faster than we do sounds is because the "smell" area in the brain is right beside the memory area, so they are very closely linked.
Smell is a very powerful way of evoking childhood memories too! Now those, I can inagine, e.g. freshly mowed hay!

Annie said...

I love sweetpeas and haven't grown them in ears. I really need to put them in again. Just thinking of them carries the rich sweet fragrance to me.

J.G. said...

So, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like Cox's Orange very much; it's an allround apple.

I too like you telling memories, houses you have been living in, and not to forget your mothers fur ;-)

Have a great weekend!


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