Friday, August 31, 2012

Fifty Fridays #5

It was very hard to choose a photo today.  There seemed to be so many stories and memories running through my head as I looked.  So for no particular reason, I chose this one. 

I have always liked to drive.  I think it's something that was born in me, don't you?  I am clearly taking my three-point turning quite seriously. 

The facts:  this is my brother and I in the first house that I actually remember.  It was in the deep country then.  A few years ago, my dad and I made a pilgrimage to all the old houses.  Of course, we couldn't find this one as it had become the site of townhouses.  The fields, the trees and the houses all gone. 

What I remember is having no idea that there was danger in the world.  I could ride that little tricycle anywhere I wanted to - as long as I, more or less, stayed on the path.  My brother was always with me.  It was my job to look after him even when I was three.  It was well known in the family that if there was trouble to get into, Geoff would find it.   What no one knew was that I was the leader and he was my willing accomplice.  If  trouble found us, I was probably responsible.  Funny what the grown-ups will persist in believing. 

He was, I think, an adorable and happy baby.  Everyone said it so it must have been true.  I know he could make the most amazing car, truck and tractor noises from a very early age.  He had a thing for vehicles - still does - and you can see that his truck is very much the focus of his attention.  For years he has driven big pick-up trucks and you can see the beginnings here. 

What makes me laugh a bit is our clothing.  We look as though we were on our way to church rather than just fooling around in the back forty.  But my mother always dressed us this way.  She made most of our clothes and I'm sure would have sewed the plaid skirt.  The sweaters may have been knit by her but more likely by her step-mother who enjoyed knitting baby things.  It looks like I'm not wearing shoes and that is a huge possibility.  I was always taking them off.

Those woods still look just as big as I remember them to be.  Endless fields, trees and very few houses.  Across the road was farmland and our closest neighbors.  But to get there was down a long driveway on our side and another on theirs.  Now that road is a busy highway.  Glad I've got the pictures or no one would believe the changes. . 



Empty Nester said...

You are really making me think that I need to get out some pictures and start making a weekly record---I love this picture! It makes me want to revisit my childhood. The time when life was fun and simple.

Susan Kane said...

I really identify with this post! I wore those things, rode that trike, never felt in danger. And now my house is gone, and everything changed.

Like you said, at least we have photos to remind us of those days. I wonder what our own children's children will look at with the digital age?

Mimi said...

I totally agree about the driving thing; I was the same, and bought a car as soon as I possibly could! My daughter is the same! It's funny how those things are "in you", isn't it?
I love your description of a carefree childhood, mostly outdoors. Hate to think that those woods are now a that really progress?

Rudee said...

You know what strikes me most here? All of those beautiful curls on both of you!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Glad you have the pictures AND the memories. blessings ~ tanna


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