Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Stash

Everything's printed and stapled and ready for distribution.  Now I can concentrate on the knitting for a few days. 

Last week, my knitting was all about the Sidewinder skirt.  Those gores were so addictive. With the yarn being a further plus.  It's a very springy yarn and seems to want to knit itself.  Really.  So nice on the hands after cotton and acrylic stuff for the babies.   The skirt is finished except for the elastic waistband.   I will get a photo on the model but not until after this heat is gone.  If you think I'm even trying on a wool skirt today.  No-o-o!  Ain't gonna happen. 

But, thinking that cooler weather is ahead and there's half the stash of this nice yarn left.  What to do?  A cardigan seemed to round off the twosome nicely.  It makes me think of pearls and twinsets.  A blast from my past, for sure.  So, trolling the patterns, I chose this short-sleeve cardi from Drops.   I thought that it would go well with the skirt for a put-together look ( not my usual day-to-day style) or look pretty good as a topper on its own.

And, now I have to catch up on my reading.  Maybe look for a couple of 'little' patterns to provide some variety this week.  ' Course I still have the other Woodstock to go but my feet aren't exactly crying out for wool socks right now.  So I've put them aside for a while.  This will be the test of my pattern-writing skills.  Can I figure it out after a few week's hiatus?  Stay tuned.   


Rudee said...

I love that skirt, and I think the cardigan will complement the skirt well. As usual, it's beautiful work, Stephanie.

Mimi said...

Great combo, and though it's hard to imagine on a day like today (once again, we're having similar weather!), you will be glad of it when cooler days come upon you.
The cardi looks as though you could even wear it with a long sleeved blouse/shirt too.
Great stash work!

Pam Lofton said...

Cooler days. Oh how I am hoping and praying for those to come SOON! Like NOW. One of these days I am going to knit a sweater. I am. I really, really am. Or maybe that's a dream. LOL


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