Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Wonders - H

H is for Holiday.  While it wasn't the last little trip ever, it was probably the last in such warm sunshine-y weather.

Last week we took a couple of days off and went to visit my daughter who lives on Salt Spring Island.  On the way, we met a dog who was keeping guard over the van.  He was  just a puppy and very friendly.  

While there we had a lot of adventures packed into a those few days.  Today is only Wednesday.  First, we went to a nursery.  It was the most beautiful plant store I've ever been in.  My photos can't do it justice and half the time I forgot to take a photo being so busy admiring the plants.  Luckily, we had more than one camera with us. Here is one view - thanks, Anne.

And here is another with a tiny gardener admiring his handiwork.

We visited two wineries and the tastings were good enough to get our money out for a few bottles.  Here there were no dogs standing guard over the vineyards...just geese.

Such a serene setting for sitting in the sun with a glass and friends.

 Then, a visit to the goat farm to see how they make their famous cheeses.  And to buy some, too.

Goat's milk gelato - mango flavor.  Yum!

The best place, though, was the bakery.  Drive, drive, drive down a long road to the south end of the Island.  Then up a long winding farm driveway to the top of a hill.  Where we could see the ferries passing by on their way from Victoria.

This is where the poor baker has to toil.   If you just turn to the right you will see a view like the one above. Or you can just walk out into the lavender.

The loaves are all baked in a wood-fired brick oven.  And ready to be taken home for dinner.  They had had about 200 people visit that day and we didn't have too many choices left.  For our dinner?   Caramellized onion bread plus a loaf of that chocolate bread for dessert.  With the cheese, wine, olives  and a few green  beans from my daughter's garden,  it was a meal for queens.  


Rachel Cotterill said...

Looks like a beautiful trip, and very relaxing :-)

Joanna said...

Hey, it makes me want to go to Saltspring Island again. Even though it's only a half-hour ferry ride away it's been several years since we've been there. Thanks for the reminder.

Mimi said...

I am mad jealous! Absolutely a meal for a queen!
And the scenery is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

A Holiday so good will be remembered - too, when you later drink the wine :)

Rudee said...

All that's missing from this idyllic locale is a yarn shop. Maybe we could all chip in and correct that. I'm willing to immigrate (especially since I hate election year).

It looks absolutely beautiful.

Emille said...

Oh thanks for sharing your trip -delightful! Especially the bakery -my kind of bread!


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