Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Stash

Oops!  I went and bought some yarn.  Poor Ted the Bear has been begging for a picnic in this fine summer  weather.  But he had nothing suitable to wear.

So, I made the mistake of visiting Michael's (always a mistake, anyway) with a discount coupon in my purse.  This beautiful aqua cotton yarn jumped into my hand.  Yes, it did so.  Now Ted has a new bib and he's ready to dine al fresco. I know it's not stash but it will go into the donation basket.  OK?

That bib was just a hiccup in my skirt construction.  You know, there's technique and then there's technique.  In my piano practicing I don't like to play scales as much as arpeggios.  Knitting is no different.  This skirt is one of the best projects I've knit.  It has short rows which seem to amuse me.  And it has those amazing I-cord welts.  Some construction methods are clearly more satisfying than some others.  And that makes any project playtime.

Now,  having put this task off for as long as possible, I shall turn to the newsletter that is due out on Tuesday.  It would be more fun if I could write about knitting. you think? 


Pam Lofton said...

Shame on you! And me. I went to Michael's too. LOL I didn't need one darn thing. But my total was nearly $60. Explain that. :)

Mimi said...

Nobody's giving out to you Stephanie; just so long as you post photos of knitting, we don't really care if it's stash or new!
Love Ted's bib, I adore textured patterns.
Good analogy between short row knitting and short row playing! Arpeggios are good too because in lots of pieces, a run is based on an arpeggio.
Skirt is coming along well!

Rudee said...

Directional knitting, short rows, techniques that challenge are always a refreshing change. I'm looking forward to seeing the skirt modeled.

I can see why the bright cotton yarn jumped into your was looking for a home.


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