Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Stash

Let's just admit it...some weeks are less productive than others. 

I finished this little toddler vest/tee (pattern here) and there was almost enough of the Cookies'n'Creme yarn.  Chef had to create a chocolate cookie sandwich with some brown yarn from the stash just to get to the end.  I think it would be nice and cosy for a little one.  Maybe not 'til summer leaves us.  A long time from now. 

Here is one of the downsides of stashed yarn.  This is my Crystal Blue Kimono from this pattern.  The yarn is an old retro baby yarn with a shiny strand of something.  Very popular in the 60's and 70's.  Totally acrylic.  However, the pattern depends on being able to keep the ribbed knitting opened up.  Acrylic yarns have their own memory - not to be forced here and there.  So, it keeps springing back and looks more like a shrug than a kimono cardi.  I see more steaming in this one's future.

And I have wanted to knit this pattern,  Sidewinder by Susan Dittrich, ever since I  first saw it.  Since it's from Knitty 2008 that would be four years of waiting for the right yarn to come along.  Now, finding enough sport-weight wool in a color that would be good for a skirt, it seemed like a promise meant to be kept.  It's such fun to knit and a great summer project.  Almost total stocking stitch with some short rows thrown in to wake me up.  Then these eye-popping I-cord 'seams' between the gores.  Oh, I love them!  One gore to go.

That's the stash for this week.  I'm picking up the needles now.


Maria said...

Your opinion of not productive made me laugh :) I'd love to be that productive sometimes!

Mimi said...

Lol at the "cookie sandwich", loved how it looks too. Sometimes necessity makes us come up with a really good design feature, and this was one of those occasions.
I love the colour of that blue too, and laughed at the idea of lots of steaming being in her future!


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