Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lunch mystery

Is it a girl thing?  Sometimes, there are interesting happenings and you just have to know why? how will it end?  
 There we were enjoying our lunch in Bruce's Kitchen.  Our dishes 'of the moment' as Bruce refers to his fresh creations made with what he has in the kitchen when you order.  I ordered a quiche which could have had zucchini in but came with leek because the zucchini was all gone.  That sort of fresh.  Just like your kitchen at home.  I loved it. 

The view was nice - not spectacular because it's not truly overlooking the boats in the marina.  But close enough.  And there was a delightful wind sculpture to watch as it twisted and twirled for us.

But soon there was another sight to attract our eyes.  A bride.  At least that was all we could think of given her white dress.  Not a traditional dress but pretty.  She reminded me of some sort of woodland fairy dressed in a white lace skirt.  Being curious, we watched the little knot of people as it ebbed and flowed.  Now, really, there were only ever four people in the group.  Some came and went.  Some went and never came back.  The bride was always there.  Getting ready.  Putting on a garter.  Adjusting her hair.  Changing her shoes.  Ah, we thought.  It's a photo shoot before the wedding.  But there were no cameras being brought out. Hmm...curiouser and curioser.

One of the returnees was a man with a carrier bag.  From this, the bride had taken out the garter and the hair fancy.  Now she took out what seemed to be a rabbit-sized bra.  She held it up to her face like a mask.  Mask?  We exchanged looks.  Now what would this be for?  The mystery deepened.  Then, the bra was tied over her eyes and, just like that, she was led away towards the parking lot.  What happened?

We were almost finished lunch but not quite ready to jump up from the table and run after them to see what was going on.  We speculated amongst ourselves - and with others at the next table.  The conclusion was: yes, it must be that she is being whisked away to a mystery location for her wedding.  Now, that's trust.

My daughter figured they were heading to the dock to get on a boat.  It was a lovely day, so it seemed a likely idea.  Pay the bill, quick!  Hurrying through the parking lot, we spied the honeymoon car all ready to go.  We had the story right, we figured.

 Then, we hung out by the Coast Guard station trying to see any boats that would fit the bill.  All I could see was this lovely old boat.  Fishing?  Tug?

Then, someone spots the tiki-boat way out on the water.  It's like a thatched beach hut on the water.  Yes, says my daughter, that would make sense.  They're probably headed for Chocolate Beach, she mused. 

Quick, get out the zoom lens.   You can, if you squint hard and use some imagination, see the bride in her white dress. 

This is a view of Chocolate Beach.  Would you be happy with this mystery destination?


Susan Kane said...

A mystery wedding! Wow. That sure would take the pressure off the bride: "Just show up, honey!"

Rudee said...

That would take great courage on the part of the bride to relinquish control in such a way. I'm of a mind that this is where they met.

Thanks for sharing such a sweet story.

Anonymous said...

I thought you post was about the sculpture, but wow, that was a turn of events and a mystery as well.


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