Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Isn't it nice when someone sends you a gift?  Yesterday, I received an award  from Mimi who has been my blog friend for almost a year. Really?  That long?  Wow!  She has given me a 'slice of Irish life ', a lot of smiles and a few tears.  Thank you, Mimi,  for sharing your award with me!

Now, I get to pass it on.  I think there is a requirement that the blogger be 'new' - I'm interpreting that as 'new to me'.  These bloggers have added to my days...

Nature at my Doorstep - April has wonderful photography in a part of my own country that I've never visited

A Photoblog by Lindy MacDuff -  great photos with interesting perspectives

Holmespunfun - photos and stories of life on the East Coast

Let Your Light Shine - I enjoy Ginny's look at life in all its oddities

Coloring with Light - beautiful photography in Ontario

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, photos, and days with me.


Mimi said...

Gosh, Stephanie, it IS hard to believe we've been friends for almost a year, but yes, you're correct! It certainly has enhanced my life getting to know you, and I love reading your varied posts.
Here's to many more years. Sláinte!

Lindy MacDuff said...

Hi Stephanie,
This is a very nice surprise; I'm happy that you enjoy my efforts at photography. I have certainly enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about you, your area, and seeing all your beautiful projects. Thank you so very much! =)


April said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for the lovely award.

I've been taking a break from every day blogging to catch up on some other things, but I'm still taking photographs and posting them at my reading blog where I'm spending most of my blogging time now.


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