Friday, January 22, 2010


The critter never came back.  I spent a bit of time tidying up and looking for clues but saw nothing at all.

What I did see was a black squirrel racing along the back fence ( the squirrels' superhighway) with a big wad of last fall's oak leaves in its mouth.  It tumbled through the magnlia, leapt to a low cedar branch and raced up to the top.  Presumably, it was carrying nest material.

The crows have been scrounging about in the trees, ripping twigs off and carrying them to their nest.  I hope it's not too nearby...they're quite noisy and ferocious with anything that passes beneath the nest tree.  I found a pair of towhees in the quince which is sprouting madly.

El Nino is encouraging the snowdrops and primroses to bloom.  The clematis is also pushing out shoots;  the butterfly bush has huge leaves sprouting everywhere.  Both of these will need to be pruned back soon and I'm hoping it doesn't get cold again.  Although, it's so warm that I was walking around in shirt sleeves earlier. Too bad for the ski hills nearby with the snow melting rapidly in the sun.

And I guess I won't be needing this until next fall.  That's just fine with me.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful scarf, I wouldn't put it away just yet.

Mimi said...

Wow, that scarf turned out just beautiful. It looks so soft and cosy, I'd swelter and wear it!

Paws on the Run said...

Your scarf looks gorgeous! Someone must have good taste in yarn! ;)

PS - My gloves arrived!!!! They fit perfectly and look gorgeous. Thanks so much.

Rose said...

I love that scarf; I fave'd the pattern in my ravelry acct. Love the color changes.

Stephanie V said...

Paws - the yarn is what makes the scarf so-o nice. Thanks - you do have great taste!

ff, Mimi - it's so hard to wish for colder weather now that it feels like spring.

Rose - the color changes are much neater up close. I loved how this yarn was plied. The blending bits are gorgeous

Joanna said...

Wow--what a beautiful scarf. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get another cold snap. Ha ha!

Rudee said...

Hey! Is there snow there for the games?

Ginny said...

What a beautiful scarf!! I first thought your picture was of a robin, but it's the towhee, isn't it? We saw one once and they look almost exactly like a robin, with only small differences. Wow! I would love to see your yard, perhaps you will post a picture of your yard sometime when everything is in bloom. Clematis are so stunning. We bought three different kinds from a nursery about five years ago, and they never bloomed. Sigh.

Lindy MacDuff said...

It's been warm here, too; almost 50 degrees. As much as I like that, it's not "right" for this time of year and I fear what violent storms could come with it.

Your new scarf is absolutely gorgeous! It looks really soft, too.


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