Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild things

In the early morning, I woke up to a sound that didn't belong.   I listened hard and knew the sound was right outside the bedroom window.  I really, really wanted to get up and see what it was but figured if I made any move at all it would disappear.

So, my mind scurried through the mental file drawers trying to find a sound like what I was hearing.  Was it something pushing the drain pipe?  It had a metallic sound.  Was it a bear?  Surely not...I was hoping that they were all tucked up in their dens right now.  Although, our spring seems to be coming early and I don't know if they sense that weather change.

Was it raccoons?   I thought not because they usually chirp to each other.  Raccoons are quite chatty and the parents are always nagging at the young 'uns.  Maybe a skunk?  They're usually silent and stately as they parade down the side garden and along the back fence.  I sure wasn't chancing spooking a skunk by throwing open the window and shining a light.

I realized as I lay there, barely breathing and listening intently that the wild thing was doing the same thing.  Its noise stopped when it heard me - I thought I was quiet - and went back to rustling about when all seemed safe again.  You know how your cat always knows when you've woken up?  Even when you haven't opened your eyes or made any waking-up kinds of sound.  The cat knows.

It could have been squirrels but they aren't usually awake at night.  At least I've never seen any after daylight  is gone.  You're right, I wouldn't see them in the dark, would I?  I'm sticking to the bigger critters because it was a biggish sound. But maybe that's because it was so quiet at 3 am.  

I did look about when it was light and it appears they were having a recce of the bikes stored under a tarp.    No evidence was left for the forensics team to ID the visitor. 

Wonder if they will come back tonight.


Ginny said...

A fascinating mystery! And I love a mystery. Keep us posted. Love the squirrel picture.

Mimi said...

So long as it wasn't burglars, of the 2-legged variety, the you're ok.
Will look forward to hear what it was, that's if it comes back.

Stine in Ontario said...

Bigger than a squirrel? I'm thinking racoon. Oh- oh!

storyteller said...

'Tis a puzzlement ;-)
Hope you'll let us know if you find out what it was.
Hugs and blessings,

Rudee said...

Maybe an opossum?

Too bad you can't set up a webcam for all of us to check things out with you. Now that would be fun.

Can you tell I really don't have a life?

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm with Rudee, an opossum is a likely candidate. Similar in size to a raccoon but not as chatty. Squirrels do take to take to the nests or trees at night so they can be ruled out.

It sounds like you have the same assortment of animals in your yard that we do. Love the photo of the squirrel.


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