Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday wonders - Q

Q is for Quotes.

Some of my favorite hooked rugs have been created to display a quote that I especially liked.

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do" was seen on an old WW2 poster.  It seemed an appropriate motto for a rug hooked from recycled wool fabrics.  With luck, the rugs made from these wool strips willl last another hundred years.  That's a pretty good life extension for an old sweater or coat.

"By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest" .- Agesilaus, the Great  
I came across this quote one day and thought how perfect it is for so many of us with bulging houses.  The liberty that we feel when we edit our belongings and have that lightness - for a while.  I expect that that is not what Agesilaus had in mind. 

Both rugs helped me to use up some of my rug hooking stash.   That's progress.


Rose said...

You made those?? They're gorgeous, really gorgeous. I love them both!!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, you made me a mini quilt. Cold hands, warm heart.

Ginny said...

What wonderful, one of a kind rugs! I'm glad you put the bowls by one, so I could get an idea of the size.

Mimi said...

Stephanie, your rugs are beautiful. It's hard to believe they're made from recycled old clothes.
Don't we need to go back to those ways of thinking? Without the war though.
A friend told me that here during the war they used to hammer crooked nails straight to re-use them. Now, if a nail falls on the ground, a builder won't even bend down to pick it up!

Stephanie V said...

Rose -Thanks for your kind words.

ff - that's what happens when you're a 'word' person. I like sayings and mottos.

Ginny - it's true. All my rugs are one of a kind. I have sold quite a few including the WW2 motto. They are usually about 24 x 36 "

Mimi - that nail-straightening exercise was the first 'job' my father let me do to help him build. I think I was about six. He always reused nails from former projects - not just the ones that were hit wrong.

I don't mind if builders don't re-use but I sure wish they'd pick up all their rejects. I can do without those car tire adventures!

Lindy MacDuff said...

I very much like both of these rugs! Wonderful to use the recycled fabric and enjoy some nostalgia and common sense at the same time. =D

Rudee said...

I like both of your rugs, but I love the colors in the wear it out rug. It's so pretty.


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