Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Airport scenes

Our flight was delayed when we left Dublin last week. Wow! Already a week has flown by.

While we waited for our plane to arrive, so did many other people. It was a stormy day over Europe, I guess, because there were planeloads of folks waiting for their flights to Paris, Amsterdam and Gatwick. Of course, it's hard not to notice the scenes going on all around.

Mostly I like to watch the kids...
For instance, there were two little girls - maybe 8 years old - waiting to go to Paris. They were never bored as they made their own fun. The two of them choreographed several ballets and a couple of tangos. So, unselfconscious and lost in their art that they didn't notice that they had groupies. One was a little boy about 2 who had aspirations to the dance himself. Every move they made, he copied as well as he could. It was hilarious watching him echo their moves right under their feet . But these young artistes didn't notice him at all. Oh, he tried to get their attention. But it didn't work.

When they were tired of dancing, they dragged over their case and sat down to rest. Our young fellow promptly dragged his over, too, and parked himself as close as he could. His older brother was a little shyer but was also staying close to the action. Never once, did the girls look at the boys nor give any sign that they even knew that they had a fan club. Divas in training, for sure!

A second little picture that made me smile: a young man walking back and forth with a baby in his arms. He had a blue blankie thrown over one shoulder, a bottle in his free hand, a soother between his teeth and a big orange plastic W hanging from a back pocket of his jeans. Dad and son looked pretty content to wait it out.

When we finally boarded our plane, we noticed a late arrival being shown to her seat. A woman of later middle age was being settled in by the flight attendant. A second crew member placed the tiny baby in her arms and strapped her in. I created a few stories to go with this picture but I'll never know, really. I did notice, at the baggage carousel, that she no longer had the baby and that there were two young men helping her. Didn't really help with that back story, though.

That's one of the best parts of travelling...watching the people. Wonder who was watching me?


Joanna said...

Oh wow--what an amazing description of the divas in training and their entourage! People watching really does help the airport waiting go by more quickly. I'm so curious now about the older woman with baby...but I guess we'll never know.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh yes, people watching! I love airports and train stations too. On Friday I have to meet a neighbour who I am bringing home from the airport. I will arrive early, find a seat, get a cup of tea and watch! Infact, I think I'll take my camera!

Mimi said...

Gosh, sounds like you had fun, even though flight was delayed.
I used to love airports and people-watching, but now find with security, taking shoes off, plastic bags of toiletries etc, it drives me mad!
I'll bear you in mind next time I fly, though I'll still be hoping that my flight is not delayed.


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