Friday, July 3, 2009

Cork photos -at last

Yesterday, I couldn't get these up. I wanted to share the crow. We looked it up and it's a Hooded Crow which is not quite the same as the one we're familiar with. In fact, they claim it's been misnamed.
This fellow was makng sure that his companion got none of the bread that was thrown to them. He hopped around very fast grabbing up as many pieces as he could in his beak. About 7 seemed to be the limit. Then, he'd hop off to a secluded spot, drop the bread and gobble very quickly.

And the othe photo is of the end of the street from our hotel. This would be our 'local' pub if we felt like careening u the very steep hill after a couple of pints of Murphy's. The hilly reidential section was made up of many little parish villages. There'd be a big church, a pub, a post office, a newsagents and usually a few other shops. Sometimes, though, that was it. All within walking distance of home.

I have a good wireless connection now for a while so posting should be better.

Stay tuned...

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