Sunday, July 12, 2009


The tomb of the Hostages - no certainty that that is what it is - is an ancient ritual site on the Hill of Tara. We took a tour bus out to the Boyne Valley which is about an hour north of Dublin. The link will give you lots more information and photos.

Trim Castle is very big. We've so far been seeing smaller Norman houses and estates. I hadn't seen one this big around before. It was a defense castle with a moat. The dark line of stone at the bottom indicates how high the water used to be. It also had the vertical arrow slits which we've not seen before.

This is the entrance to the 'passage grave' at Newgrange. We went inside the mound through this narrow passage where we had to duck down as we walked.
The guide turned out the light in order to demonstrate the winter solstice phenomenon. I have never been in a place so completely black in my life. And with tons of rock piled above me. An amazing experience.

We got back to Dublin in time to have dinner with Mimi, a blogger I've been following for a while. This is the best part of blogging...actually getting to meet those people you've gotten to know online.

After dinner we walked home through Dublin. This is a view of the River Liffey from O''Connell Bridge. A long but really nice day.

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Mimi said...

It was fun to meet for dinner.Glad to hear that you got home ok, but how many pubs did you stop at on the way back?? Lovely photos of your trips, look forward to the nest instalment!


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