Saturday, July 25, 2009


When we were getting ready to fly to Ireland, I was agonizing over the knitting I wanted to take. Guess how many rounds, I actually did on the socks that I packed away? Exactly 12. I was either too busy in the evening or too tired to even pick up the needles. But, I have finished the socks they are: my Northern Lights yarn all made up. I really like the sparks of color on the dark blue.

And, then, I went looking for the next project. I still had a sock yarn that I really liked in the stash. It's the lower skein in the photo: Arequipa from Peru, an alpaca with lots of pretty colors.

But I was a little tired of knitting socks and I thought maybe a scarf. I found this on aemmeliea's Not another Knitblog and set to work. I think it came out well - it's drying at the moment. And I'm thinking blocking wires would be a good investment.

Here's a close-up of that Eye of Partridge pattern. It's an alternating sl 1, k 1 pattern and forms a kind of layered fabric which will be lovely and warm in the winter.

I decided that the edge was rather plain with only the yarn-overs for relief and made a picot bind-off all around.

Now, I've moved back to socks. They're easy to work on when it's hot. I'm using a bamboo yarn (the pink one in the photo above) and saw the perfect pattern this morning on Knitty. The ribbing was done and I'm much too summer-lazy to create my own pattern. Then this morning
I saw 'Sunday Swing' and that was IT.

I love it when the universe is working with me.


Rudee said...

Love your socks.

How did you ever complete such a large piece using eye of partridge? I have a hard enough time when I use it on sock heels (which I just did) and that's, at best, 3 inches square. Kudos to you! It's lovely and the edging is beautiful.

Mimi said...

That's a sign of a good holiday!
The socks are beautiful- you're not only a talented writer, but a whizz with the knitting needles too.
Do the heels wear out before the rest, and does the wearer then darn them?
I remember in school learning to darn heels of socks, and telling the nun that I would never do that, I'd just but new ones instead. I got a right telling-off!

Stephanie V said...

Rudee...thank you. That stitch does make nice sock heels, too.

Mimi...I find that socks wear out around here on the bottom of the foot. And, I hate mending socks. Rather knit a whole new pair.


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