Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Cork

This is our last day in Cork. So we decided to walk our feet off right down to the ankles. Oh, we walked and walked all day.

We set off down our huge hill and walked out to the university College of Cork. The Cultural Museum is there and seemed like an interesting morning. We were right!

While sitting with a pot of tea - the Irish make the best tea! - we were amazed to hear our frind the crow cawing up on a roof. Even more amazed when he jumped onto the pavement and was white as well as the traditional black. A woman assured us that this was a crow. We have photos ut they'll have to wait as blogger is taking forever to upload tonight and I only have a little time left. Everything seems to be slow. I'll try tomorrow at the train station - maybe I'll get lucky.

There are lots of photos for today as we walked through the grounds after the museum. It's right on the River Lee and looks as though there should be teams of rowers out racing each other. The garden are also beautifully kept. No leaf blowers or other mechanical gardening devices. Just old-fashioned hand work.

Then we turned back into town and marched up to the top of the hill - higher than our hotel - to visit a church where you can ring out your own tune on the bells. We decided against it when we had to climb to the belfry - and pay a tourist-size fee. So, we wandered off to the Buter Mueum instead. It was very interesting. Butter - and dairy products - are very important to the economy here. And their butter does taste different than ours. In a good way.

Finding your way around the hilly streets is an adventure in itself. No street goes very far without morphing into another. Nor do they actually intesect. The street you're on just kind of slides up to another and gently flows along until you find that you are now on another street name. Very confusing. As is direction. Luckily, I have a pretty good sense of direction. You don't want to go down too many wrong turnings with the steep hills.

We came back to the hotel late in the afernoon to discover that the tap which was supposed to be mended while we were away, was now in danger of falling off all together. It was a temperature gauge and was stuck at some very steamy height. We called and hey sent two women this time. But, no, we would have to pack up and move across the hall. No problem. the room is bigger, it faced the view side and was much cooler. And the shower tap worked!

That's our day today. Tomorrow we pack up and get on atrain for Cobh where we will do a little exploring. Then it's back on the train and off to Killarney. By then our feet and legs should be all ready for this walking tour.

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Barb said...

Hi Stephanie,
I really enjoy your blog and think it's a lovely place to visit.

Hope you will pick up the Beautiful Blog Award over at my blog. I was pleased when it was given to me my Beverley of Ontario, and I hope you enjoy it too.



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