Friday, July 31, 2009


We have had, ever since we've lived here, a family of raccoons that pass through our back yard. In the summer they visit our neighbor's cherry tree and devour the fruit. I think he leaves it just for them since no one there ever picks any.

These lovely raccoons come through at night with the young'uns chittering softly and the adult(s) answering with authority. Almost every night, they leave the cherry tree, walk to a certain place on our grass and respond to the call of their digestion. Every morning, we clean it up.

The other day, we were building two more of our raised garden boxes and thought: those raccoons will have to find a new spot to use at night.

The next morning, we saw that they had accepted our box as an enclosure for their use. Is there no end to the ways that these critters have trained us?

We even grow strawberries just for them! We haven't managed to get a ripe one yet.


Penny said...

The raccoons visited me one afternoon when I was sitting on the deck. Two of them started trotting up the stairs to the deck, saw me, looked a little annoyed but decided they'd avoid the deck and just play in the yard and walk on the fence. It was great fun.

Joanna said...

It's pretty funny the way critters train us, yes. My dogs have me almost perfectly trained now, especially in the ball-throwing arena. We don't have raccoons but the slugs got all my strawberries.

Mimi said...

I don't think we have raccoons here in Ireland.
We did at one stage have a family of foxes who visited our garden every morning, early. The cubs would play around our fruit trees, but mother and cubs ran away at the first sight of humans.
Your veggie boxes look great.


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