Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today we arrived in Cork. In case you missed the blog of Day 1, check the older post since I'm doing both days at once. The wi-fi connection yesterday was very costly and lasted only 20 minutes. Today, I have 24 hours and so I'll do as much as posssible before we move on.

The train to Cork was a marvellous experience. It was so easy and comfortable...we'll be doing this again. It was raining when we arrived - we'd been promised blue skies - and we took a taxi instead of walking. Our hotel is high on a hill and we are getting our legs in shape.

Our first day of exploring took us down the road to the city center. Here's a wee bench at a bus stop. Maybe the leprechauns left it?

We walked through an old part of town followng a self-guided tour. We walked back and forth and found some cool stuff that wasn't really on the tour.

There are several short bridges across this canal to get from one part of the city to another. They're easy to walk across - cars use them, too. The rain had stopped for a while and it looks very serene. Actually, it was a very busy time in the city.

These life preservers are all along the canal sides. We saw them in Dublin, too.

This was the oldest thing we saw today...a part of the original city wall which dates back to the 13th century. Very cool.

This was just some neat plaster work on an old house. There were so many beautiful old buildings. I can't get them all in these blogs.

Our hotel is very nice and is part of a larger fitness complex. This seems to be not uncommon as there at least two big hotels which cater to conventions and have fitness and/or spas included.

Tomorrow we have more Cork. See you later.


Paws on the Run said...

Love the leprechaun bench! Glad you guys are having fun.

Rudee said...

Oh! You can use the red and yellow buildings to straddle Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday. What a beautiful little town. Enjoy your journey.


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