Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dublin - day 1

We arrived in Dublin at 8.30 in the norning and then it was a long, long, day.

On the way into the city - by public transit - we watched the various parts of town fly by. I saw my very first thatched roof. We jumped off where the bus driver said to and started walking to our hotel. Quite the sight we probably were: two middle-aged women trailing down a busy street with suitcase in tow. One of the plant specimens to catch our eye was this fern which seemed to be growing on air - sprouting from an old wall.

The hotel was hot - like everywhere else in Dublin. It was, as the Irish say, warm and close. And the windows don't open very wide. We will adjust. Like Vancouver, air conditioning isn't the norm.

We went out exploring and found lots of things which will need more attention when we come back in a week or so - like how many of these ghost bikes will we find? Everything costs about the same when you first look at the price. Then you remember: it's all in Euros. I think living in Dublin would be exciting just as any city is. There is lots of shopping and a lot of the women are very stylish. I also noticed that the shoes were always of very good quality.

We trekked through St Stephen's Green and it did thrill just a bit to think of all the famous writers who have also walked through.

We also made a brief stop at Trinity College. We found lots of old. We wondered how old the rock cobbles were in the walkways. Were they older than the cut stones? This window showed a glimpse of some professor's life of study and reading.

And this was the modern. I loved this reflecting ball when I thought it whole. I liked it even more when I saw the sculpted part.

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant off Grafton St. The basil, spinach and potato soup was delicious. I'm writing it here so I don't forget I want to try it at home.

That's the first day. We went home exhausted and needing sleep for an early start to Cork.

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