Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in a name?

I used to hate these flowers. They seemed so stiff and took up a lot of space. Then my brother-in-law gave us one. We call it a Red Hot Poker and it's proper name is Kniphofia - say that three times fast. Apparently, it has another couple of names: Torch Lily and Tritomas.

There used to be a lot of flower stalks but recently we've been limited to one. This year is no different. Lots of little plants but only one has flowered. I stopped disliking them when it first bloomed. I watched it slowly acquire its colors. Then, just as slowly, the petals wither and a huge seed head is left. Then the chickadees visit and hang off the stalk pecking out the seeds.

I'll put up with anything to make the birds happy.


Joanna said...

We've got a few of those as well and we see the hummingbirds visit them from time to time.

Rudee said...

It's a beautiful flower. I hope you get hummingbirds.

Mimi said...

Have never seen this flower before. I like it- reminds me of corn on the cob, and yellow is one of my favourite colours.
Lovely photos.

Stephanie V said...

Joanna and Rudee - I've not seen the hummers near this flower. But they are spoiled for choice.

Mimi - I never thought about the cob aspect. It really is like that when the flowers are gone.


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