Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday, we jumped on a train and headed north. Our goal was a little seaside town named Skerries which we read had teo attractions: windmills and bird sanctuary. I have to tell you that Anne is still looking for the elusive puffins.

We didn't see any this time either. But we did see the windmills. 4-sail (above) and the 5-sail below. We had a wonderful tea in the cafe - the best scones I've ever tasted - but didn't take the tour.

Instead, we walked down to the seaside and along the beach so we could see the Skerries Islands. These are the sanctuaries and people are not encouraged to go there. Dire warnings about walking to the islands at low tide and becoming trapped - with the birds - keep everyone away.

Then we strolled around the town looking very native with our hats and backpacks - not! I saw a lovely little clothing shop with huge discounts and almost couldn't resist. It was only the thought that I would have to carry the stuff around the town and then back to Dublin. Did I mention that the women in Ireland dress very nicely? After two weeks with walking gear, it would be nice to dress up.

Here are some town shots...cute thatched houses, too.

We found a cemetery which was old as well as new. The interesting thing to me was the tower on the edge of the graveyard. Apparently, during the late 19th century, medical students paid well for cadavers to study their anatomy. These towers were built to allow the families to guard the graves for long enough that the dead were of no use to the bodysnatchers who made their living in this way.

It was the most beautiful sunny day until just before we headed for the train station. Then it rain. We were dry on the train, though and it had stopped by the time we reached Dublin. Good enough to join a literary pub crawl around Trinity College area.

The actors were good and their stories were funny. The quiz afterwards was a lot of fun, too. Not that we did well for Canada - USA took first prize and Germany, second. The extra pints of Guinness didn't seem to stimulate the little gray cells as we thought they would.
And so to bed.


Rudee said...

As usual, your photos are beautiful. What a lovely trip you've been on!

Catherine said...

Hi Stephanie - just found this on your link at the bottom of your current post and had to look - I don't really know Skerries but I do know it has windmills - not too many in Ireland. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your stay in Dublin - I have never really played tourist there with the literary pub crawls but I hear they are fun. I do enjoy sightseeing in Dublin with the camera and seeing a city so familiar through different lens. Next Sat our son is graduating and the ceremony is at St. Patrick's Cathedral the oldest in dublin I think (or Christchurch- notsure) So I will def. take photos!
All the best, Catherine


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