Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Wednesday Chat

Time to go visiting again.   I kind of like setting off down the road to meet up with everyone on Patrice's front porch.  She always has interesting conversation starters.  Like today's questions:

  1. Are you a morning person, someone who does best in the middle of the day, or a night owl?  That's easy.  Everyone knows I'm a morning person.  I have been all my life.  I even chose to deliver the morning newspaper as a kid because that was my best time of day.  My younger brother was probably not too impressed with this as he had to share this choice.  Mornings are so fresh and clean.  Even when it's still dark there's some sense of the new day just round the corner.   
    2.  Do you take vitamins or supplements? Mmm...yes.  I do take a few.  But they work - I think - and  so   I  daren't stop.  Who knows what kind of decrepitude I might discover?

     3.  If you were a dog, would you be a) a Poodle, b) a Retriever, c) a Sheep Dog, or a d)Chihuahua?  Most of the time I think I'm a Sheep Dog- sort of bossy and organizing. I think that goes with growing up the oldest.   But I think maybe  Poodles can be that way, too.  And I have some occasions of diva-esque behavior.  Guess it depends on the moment.  

    4. Please tell us about what you're reading now.  The book I'm currently reading is a mystery by Dona Leon called Willful Behavior.  Her mysteries are solved by the philosopher detective named Guido Brunetti, a Venetian policeman.  I enjoy walking through Venice with him, jumping on gondolas and seeing Venice through his eyes.  His approach to life, crime and criminals is so full of questions.  There are lots of books in this series and I'm zig-zagging my way through them.

     5.. Okay, here I go with that magic wand! If I came to your house and could fix up one room with the wave of my wand, what would you have me renovate/redecorate/refurnish?  Well, since you're bringing the wand anyway.   It's something that would only happen with  magic  but I would like to renovate our garage.  The car has never lived there after the first week of owning the house and it's mostly a storage area.  I would like to add a loft for my rug-hooking since the fibers bother my partner's allergies.  If the magic extends to another bathroom that would be great either above  - or below.  Some stairs and an interior access door to the main house.  That about covers it.  You can visit anytime, though.  Don't worry about the wand!

So nice visiting with everyone this morning. ...the sweet rolls are delicious today.  Thanks, Patrice.  If you want to come and sit awhile, Everyday Rurality is the place to be.  


My Kid's Mom said...

Hmmmm - never thought about the garage, it would be just wonderful if she could point that magic wand and my bat would decide to move out. Believe it or not, my partner has actually named the thing - he calls it "Flap." I just want it to go away.

EmptyNester said...

I completely agree with everything you said about mornings. At least now I do. I haven't always been a morning person. And it's still not advisable to talk to me first thing. LOL

I love your last sentence of number 2! I think that's why Hubs is scared to stop. :)

Ginny said...

Really good questions, and getting to know you better! I have been a night person ever since I was born! I think lots of people are actually born one way or another. Both my two spare rooms need a do-over!

Patrice said...

Stephanie- You are so right when you say that morning darkness holds the promise of a new day around the corner. It's still a bit harder for me to get up early, but I'm a farmer's wife and six is my golden hour. It takes about 1/2 hour to shake the brain fog, but once I get going I go all day.I'll add your garage to my ever growing list. :)
Have a good week.


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