Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cool your jets!

What a monster I've created!  And all by myself.  Last week, I was browsing through the knitting mags I have - a stash all their own.  I had realized that I was, more and more, doing my pattern research online and wanted to see what I was missing/forgetting.  I found so many great patterns in these pages...I wanted to make them all plus the ones I was finding online.  Of course, I know I can't but that didn't keep me from starting a little of everything.  Here's the story for this week...

Deborah Newton's Buttercream Jacket.  I loved this when I first saw it and it still got me excited.  So, with a lot of pretty pink Geisha on hand, I swatched and it was perfect!  Geisha is an acrylic with a little mohair blended in and is a lot softer and airier than the yarn intended.  So this is less buttercream, more mousse.  It's been my favorite knit this week.  Probably because it's been a fast knit.

 I did actually finish a project.  It was nip and tuck and it's still not completely dry this morning.  But Nefertiti was willing to risk pneumonia for my art.  This is supposed to be a beret but I stupidly impatiently left out a section which made that distinction.  It's a beret on her small head, though, isn't it?  Maybe for a child?  I love the yarn - a handspun - and the would brighten any fall day. This is Rose Window by Anne Kuo Lukito.

But here are some that have only the barest of starts.  Really barely there is this stole, Herb Garden by Linda Choo.  I have twice as much of this pretty green toned lace weight wool as I need.   Maybe I'll make two.  Gotta get this one done first!

And  a little more committed is this version of La Parisienne beret by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer.  I had a couple of odd balls of sock yarn.  I'm not sure there's enough color definition because of the self-stripiness of the one yarn.  But the blue bits are pretty.  And it's an easy pattern for a little carry-along project.

And I got a few more inches accomplished on that 1953 stocking.  It's getting seriously long now.

Last, my White Lightning sock part 2.  It's cast on and the cuff is knit. Now, I'm ready for the fun part.  I think that this, the stocking and the beret above will be my projects to take on our upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon.  Not that I expect to get a lot of knitting done.  But it's good to be prepared.  There may not be much of a stash post for the next couple of weeks.


Ginny said...

I am taking in my breath with each picture!! The COLORS, no one does colors like you!!!! I would pay a pretty penny for the beret, and the jacket color is excellent, please post it when you are finished.

My Kid's Mom said...

Love the colors! Knitting is something I never had the patience for although I love to crochet.

EmptyNester said...

As always, I love it all! And I am inspired- I have knit Birdie a hat in the school colors where she is athletic trainer- AND I am knitting her a matching scarf now using a pattern that has ME--yes ME---knitting a football pattern in it! I'll post a picture IF it turns out ok. LOL

I love you comment on the white sock--now you're ready for the fun part. That's the part where I usually stop. LOL

Rose said...

Hey, it looks like my house/blog!! Good luck on your projects and don't forget to send me your mailing address.

Rudee said...

Oh, my. I think you've come down with startitis. I love all of your projects, but must you entice me with lace? I l think I'm going to love your herb garden.

The Grand Canyon sounds like a perfect destination for unfinished projects. I'm seeing a picturesque view, a rocking chair on the veranda, a brew by your side and a work of art in your hands. Please take a picture as stated above.

jeannette said...

Looks like you're going a 100 miles an hour with several knitting projects going at once:) I looked at the buttercream jacket -wow, beautiful!


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