Sunday, September 18, 2011

So far

This is the first chance we've had to have picture download, free time and internet access all at the same time.

The weather was fine when we arrived but we've encountered quite a bit of rain especially when we want to get out, poke around and take photos. This is what our van looked like after 40 miles of slippery mud road and two swims through a flooded wash.

All to get to our first cool place to visit - Chaco Canyon which is an ancient (1100 AD) community home and long-abandoned.

About 60 years ago, huge pieces of the sandstone mountain behind the pueblo came crashing down.   We walked through them to reach the central plaza of Pueblo Bonita.

Yesterday, we arrived in Mesa Verde and today we plan to go exploring in some of the cliff dwellings. Our room looks out over a view that goes on and on and on.  So beautiful.  We are at 8000 feet - yesterday  it hailed on the way up! 

A lizard sunning himself (her?)...

One of the alpine flowering plants.

A view of the land down below.

And an update on newest gd for all interested.  Gabriella (Gabby), 9lb 12 oz  - exactly on time.


Ginny said...

What wonderful and strange sights! When the sandstone mountains came down, did it flatten any of those abodes? the lizard is completely camouflaged! I have a baby niece named Gabriella! Yours is a large baby!!

My Kid's Mom said...

Great scenery! Glad the new baby is doing well and I love the name they chose! Gabby just sounds "happy" to me!

Mimi said...

Oh wow, what views! you must love waking up in the morning there.
I love the name Gabriella, and she's a great weight. Congratulations. Enjoy your trip!

EmptyNester said...

What a stunning view! But what I can't wait for are the photos of Gabby!

Rudee said...

What a beautiful view you have on top of the world. Very pretty.

Can't wait to see Gabriella's face. I bet she's beautiful, too.

Farm Girl said...

I love it, I keep telling my husband I just want to go in the spring and visit all of those things. I have enjoyed your pictures so much. Have fun.

cindy said...

This is an amazing sight to see, the sandstone formation is top on my list, great photos. It makes me want to go there for a holiday. What a nice name Gabriella.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Oh my, the weather wasn't cooperating at all! I'm glad you made it through the flooded wash okay. That can be very dangerous. In spite of it all you have some great photos!


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