Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer's fleeing

Even though we're only getting our heat wave now,  I can tell when I go into the garden that autumn is fast approaching.

I'm not sure why but, at the end of the summer,  there always seem to be more spider webs set to trap unwary bugs. Is it because of the increased dew and so we see them? Or is it the angle of the sun that shows them up?  Or am I only imagining the multitude of webs?  I don't think so...they truly aren't everywhere until towards the end of the summer.  Here, it always seems to coincide with the PNE (our big fair) and school starting.  Maybe the spiders need to store up too?

Another sign is the growth of the fall crop of vegetables.  These are the cooler weather veg.  A couple of weeks ago,  I planted spinach and beet seeds which are getting their true leaves right now.  I know I have to thin them but it's a job I hate doing.  Not because it's work but because I don't like destroying the potential.  As these seeds were germinating,  some predators came calling.  The raccoons and robins weren't interested in the, they wanted the bugs.  I was kind of shocked to discover that the robin made such a mess.  Although, this is the bird that empties our bird bath with one good scrub.  Why am I shocked?

We also have kale and rainbow chard which are transplants from the nursery.  We've already been picking some of their leaves to add to salads and stir fries - delicious! 

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.  They'd like the heat to continue for a little while longer, please.


Rudee said...

Yes, more spider woobs (as my son used to call them). Perhaps they're more hungry this time of year.

We went from a blazing summer straight into November weather. I hope we get an autumn. It would be sad to head straight away into winter.

Ginny said...

I'm very impressed with the spider web!! It is really hard to capture one of these, unless the sun is shining on it! You are right about more at the end of summer, and now I must go looking when the sun it out. Yours looks large and basically undamaged. Love the red veins on those fluffy leaves, I'm thinking that may be the beets? and a pretty shot of the tomatoes in the sun.

Madeleine said...

Great pics, they really bring a ray of sunshine to the soul

Emille said...

Looks like you're doing a lot of work in your veggie garden:) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your tomatoes!

Angie said...

Seems strange that our toms are about the same stage yet we are in different seasons! Hope you get more sunny days.


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