Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Some people are taking this holiday way too literally.

There's a lot of sawing and drilling and hammering going on out in the front yard.

Here is garden bed number seven.  This is a nice sunny spot and that's what those veg we love to eat need most.  So, whatever flowers were here are no longer.  Even the buttercups have had to give up their territory - not without a fight.

The beautiful white phlox will be moved to another location as soon as it is finished for the year.  I couldn't bear to lose these bright showy flowers. You can see the squash leaves in the corner from another bed.  Pretty soon it will be all veg in our little corner of suburbia.

If we lived across the inlet in the city of Vancouver we could have chickens.  Of course, we'd have to build them a palace to live in. We hear there's a whole book of rules and conditions to read.  And at the end of the fine print we would carelessly click our X to agree.   But, still, it would be fun to have clucks ranging about the yard pecking up a few of those pesky insects.  I have my vote in for a goat, too.  Keep what little grass there is left to a reasonable level, fertilize the garden and produce milk for goat cheese.  Could it get any better?

Maybe our chickens would be a temptation for the raccoons.  We've had to take the covers off the tomatoes even though the nights are getting a bit chilly.  Rocky and Ricky, the raccoon brothers had taken to sleeping inside the hoop house.  Nice and warm, all mod cons and a ready food supply.

Just wrasslin' in the garden would not be enough for these boys.  No, sirree! Not once they see that the tomatoes are ripening.  I can hardly believe my eyes!  It's been such a miserable summer that I figured we'd be lining up green tomatoes on flat surface.  I have some hope now.  'Course, there'll still be lots of green ones.  Recipes are welcome.


EmptyNester said...

You should go to Debbie Does Dinner and check out her Tomato Zucchini Bisque recipe. It is to die for!

My Kid's Mom said...

My tomatoes are almost done! Still getting a few but they're all really small now since we haven't had much rain. I've been making a lot of fried green tomatoes and I even did some green tomato jam. I know it sounds bad but it's really good. Let me know if you want the recipe. I had a friend that made pickled green tomatoes and they were good, at least her's were. I must have done something wrong because mine ended up getting thrown out.

Ella said...

I love to garden; we make green tomato pickles...they are awesome~
I will look for my recipe, if I can't find it you can always google it. I think I combined two. I know they are amazing!

Mimi said...

great work going on there! We don't have Labour Day here, wouldn't mind it though.
I've a recipe on my blog for Green Tomato Chutney with vodka (optional of course!), it's in last year's posts. It turned out really lovely.

Murr Brewster said...

Last year we started getting red 'maters somewhere near November. We had BLTS every day for a week and then it was winter soup time. I figure each sandwich ran us about ten bucks.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tonja said...

I've had really good luck with Roma tomatoes this year - two hundred probably from only three plants in a raised garden. Now I can make sauce - we got tired of salsa.

jeannette said...

My, you are busy! hope you have a bountiful garden! It seems the tomatatoes of everyone I know are still ripening:)


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