Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visiting on the porch

I've missed a couple of chats and I've been looking forward to getting together again.  All (well, most) of my chores are done and I can stroll over and sit a while.  Patrice has a few new questions to ask, so here goes.

  1. Would you rather cook or clean house?   Definitely cook.  And that's not my favorite job, so you can see how much I hate to clean house.  Both were necessary evils of raising a family.  Luckily, nowadays, the cooking is less constantly required and the housework isn't as huge, either.
  2. Who do you resemble in your family? Oh, I look like my Dad.  But I have the blue eyes of my mother's family.  I also resemble my sister.  When my younger son was a baby, he would get a very puzzled look on his face whenever she spoke.  Our voices were almost exactly the same.  But hey!  Mommy's over there- who's talking?
  3. Have you tried e-books yet? No.  Not sure that I ever will.  I like having a book in my hands.  I get the convenience when travelling but that's the only time I would even consider using it.  And, this last trip was so action-packed that I only managed to read one book the whole time.  And it was a skinny one!
  4. Do you collect anything? Oh, I collect yarn LOL  I''ve made a pledge to not collect any until the new year and then I'll try to be more selective.  No guarantees on that.  I have a pretty big Santa collection that I like to put out at Christmas.  It's a 'closed' collection now and not growing. 
  5. What's your favorite fall tradition? The only fall tradition I have is getting out the winter rain jacket.  And you couldn't call that a favorite.  Fall isn't my best season and I seem to have jumped right into fall from summer this year so  maybe I'm a little wary right now.  
It's lovely just sitting here with my knitting and my tea.   Thanks for the invitation, Patrice.  If you'd like to visit too, just hop over to Everyday Rurality.  There's some nice folks visiting today.


Angela Felsted said...

Nothing beats having a book with actual pages in your hand.

EmptyNester said...

I prefer a real book too. I like to hold it and turn the pages. When I'm reading a Stephen King novel, turning the pages is scary and exciting! I knew you were going to put 'yarn' down for the collection! LOL My Santa collection needs to be 'closed' too. It's really gotten out of hand.

I took a look at the pictures in the post below. The trip just looks amazing! Glad y'all are back safe and sound!

Ginny said...

I, too, like the feel and smell of books in my hand. And I thought I would never try an e-reader. But I just got an iPad, and an e-reader comes on it free, Kindle it think. is so much nicer to be reading a book review and just be able to click up the book in a minute without having to run out and buy it!

Deb said...

I don't think I'll ever try the e-books, either...especially since I do well to read a real book!!! ;-)

My Kid's Mom said...

I've never thought of my yarn as a collection. I have lots of it - tubs, crates, bags the attic, in the living room, the bedroom - I even have one whole dresser dedicated to nothing but yarn!


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