Monday, March 2, 2009


The thing with challenges is that they're challenging. However, in the opportunity/threat stand-off, I was given an opportunity.

This past week I was really stuck with how to finish this rug. Faced with the dwindling stock of 'stream' tweed, I could only think of cutting off the top of the design. This would have kept the stepping stone concept but not my whole vision. I procrastinated (my specialty) and pondered and whined on this blog.

Several people made good suggestions but most involved putting in another element which I didn't want to do. The original challenge was to use only the two fabrics. Happily, I was sent a link which sent me to look at some felted art pieces from Andrea Graham. It was meant to show me another use of stones in art but I had such an aha! moment I almost ran to get a pen and re-draw. I had been so focused on the stepping stones that I had completely lost sight of the edge of the stream. And so the beginnings of a shore where I can use more gray tweed and less brown.

Now I'm back at work and I hope to have it ready for binding this week. Thanks, Penny.

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Penny said...

Serendipity - or perhaps -synchronicity. I'm glad it helped.


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