Thursday, March 19, 2009


No, not those little economies. We were doing our part to stimulate the Canadian - and perhaps global - economy. Our visit to Steveston would not have been complete without a foray to a local yarn store. Sock yarn is always high on my list of must-have yarn so that's what I look for. This time, I found some Arequipa, an alpaca/wool mix which comes in such beautiful colorways. A bamboo yarn in pink tones and single ball of a denim wool which might make socks for a little boy to wear inside gumboots. And, Anne asked for the bright red mix. It will make her feet feel warm even on the coldest day.

On the way home, we had time to stop in at Tilley Endurables. It was kind of a lark and kind of serious as we were looking for some clothes which would allow us to travel very light when we go to Ireland. I spotted this label in the could anyone not buy them? Success is practically guaranteed.

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Rosemary said...

I loved working with the Arequipa. good colours.


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