Saturday, March 21, 2009

Construction zone

Last winter, when there was so much wet snow, our carport took on a decided list to the west. Despite the downturn in construction, we had to wait until this past week to get it repaired. Part of the problem was the lack of concrete footing for the supports. In a perfect world, we would have scrapped the structure and started over. That's not possible since we wouldn't get a permit now to put a structure where it is. So, cool jack devices are helping to keep it up while the work goes on. underneath.

One of the casualties, is our favorite garden: the one we worked so long and hard over one whole summer with a truckload of dirt and many new plants. The necessary trampling in the small construction space is adding to the previous destruction by the runaway truck. But the thing about gardens is they're always a work in progress. See how the crocuses are bravely defying the big boots? Or maybe they're standing guard over the budding evening primrose.

Our other fear is that our glorious clematis montana will not survive the necessary digging near it's roots. It has some small green buds so it is alive, so far. If we can get it back in place in the next week it may yet bloom. There's another montana in the back but this is the nicer of the two. It has beautiful pink flowers and is always so beautiful.

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Joanna said...

Oh, isn't it awful when your plants suffer from those big construction boots and tools! I had a clematis montana at my old house that was RUINED by the painter--but lo and behold the next spring it put up a bunch of new shoots and within two years was more vigorous than ever. Don't despair.


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