Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pizza, dilettantes and entrepreneurs

Many years ago, my then-husband was so impressed with the pizzas that I made at home, he suggested that I might like to start a pizzeria. I thought about that idea for about a minute and a half before rejecting it with a shudder. Not because I didn't enjoy making the pizza but because I would be chained to that one activity for hours , days, weeks and probably years. Oh, at age 25 there is too much still to do in the world.

Over the years, I have taken up various activities and have been competent enough that others have proposed that I make a living from them. There has been sewing for others, knitting, making unique teddy bears and most recently primitive rug hooking. Fortunately for me, none of these things has the potential to support me. But, I toy with the idea and I soon bump up against the fact that I would have to devote most of my waking hours to all aspects of one activity. But what about all those other things that I want to do, too? Being a dilettante has it's price: I know that I will never be truly proficient at any one thing. I will always be a dabbler...a jack of all trades. I'm happy with that.

While I crave variety too much to settle down, I am an ardent admirer of those who have taken the leap into creating their own workplace and made it a success. Clearly, they have discovered what they enjoy doing as well as identifying it as a necessary product. It is must be scary to make the step and I know it's hard work. I am proud to know people who have this kind of talent and skill, determination and tenacity. Hats off to them!


Joanna said...

Yes, here's to dilletancy (sp?) and dabbling. This manifests in my life all the time (especially in the area of art work. I try it all and then something else captures my interest. Rather than see it as a shortcoming I think of it as being flexible and full of enthusiasm for new endeavours.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am also a dilettante, and love being able to decided for myself what I should do and when! In order to make money from any of your interests, you do have to be more disciplined than I am!



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