Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good day

I went back to tai chi this morning. Hurray! It was great to be back and even better to get through 90 minutes without any ill effects. Lots of stretching before the session. I skipped the exercise bike this morning and it seemed to be OK.

My reward was lunch with a colleague who's returning to work after a year's absence. Great to talk shop and know that plans will be moving forward. Change is good but tricky. Managing change is even trickier. Like all people I have an ambivalence to change. It's good if I think of it and not so good when others do. I must remember that when promoting my ideas as most people are exactly the same as I am. And seniors can be even more sure that their way is the best. Hey! That's me!

This was an exciting and productive lunch, though. Just the right mix of laughter and serious stuff.

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