Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A first

I have never had allergies - ever. I know I didn't really get how awful the symptoms can be for those who endure this every day.

Now, I know. Yesterday, I walked into the washroom before tai chi and I walked out to the class. Within two minutes, I was sneezing and couldn't stop. My eye started to water like a flowing stream. Just one side of my head seemed to be affected. Is that normal for allergies?

I've been trying to think what could have triggered this. Of course, it is spring (the trees think so, anyway) and there must be some pollen around somewhere. Or was there some scented thing in the washroom? I checked and couldn't find anything although I thought I could smell pot-pourri. Not that it's ever bothered me before.

Another guess for a culprit is chlorine. I was cleaning something with bleach on Sunday afternoon. Now, I love the smell of bleach...it has never bothered me. The room was ventilated and it only took a couple of minutes to finish the task. Long enough, maybe?

A day later and the symptoms have eased. I have learned that if I don't breathe really deeply, I won't trigger a sneezing fit. If I sit and read (breathing shallowly) it almost feels normal. I can live with this cure

But I am curious as to what caused it. And whatever I met, I sure hope I don't meet it again.

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