Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worth it

Some days, I sit with the newspaper and just turn pages. I usually love to read it because there are so many little facts that I can tuck away. But this morning it was just same old, same old and no insights at all. The media have a way of drivel-izing almost everything these days. I take this as a sign of desperation.

There is a bright spot to the morning paper, though. The comics. Or the daily black and white funnies as I used to call them Still do, if I must be truthful. And this is to distinguish them from the weekend colored funnies. But I digress.

This bright spot is what I save 'til last, it's that good. I like leaving my morning read with a happy taste rather than a mean-spirited or depressed one. And the comic strip that I save 'til the very last is "cul de sac". I love Alice Otterloop. I wish I had been like her when I was little. I wish I could be like her now! I suspect that I was more like her older brother. Maybe my sister was more like Alice. I wonder.

I have wondered about the artist who creates this strip for a while. Don't know why I didn't look sooner but I have now. Here is his blog...it's every bit as wise and wooly as the comic strip.

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