Friday, March 13, 2009

A find

This is my latest thrift store treasure. Isn't this amazing? It's an entire rug hooking kit which I assume was purchased at a group lesson. This person took the class, made copious notes and began to hook but for some reason abandoned the effort. And then, apparently, abandoned the whole idea of rug hooking. The Joan Moshimer book came with the package. So, I have a small wooden frame with backing stapled on. Enough cut strips to make the flower picture, a hook and the binding materials. All for well under $5. Oh, the student was hooking a heart for some reason. That's easily changed back to the original kit design.

The design is from a local artist, Michelle Sirois-Silver, and I do admire her designs. She has a wonderful sense of color and balance. I'll enjoy hooking this little piece up. Then I can save the frame and hook for when I get to teach one of the grandkids how to hook rugs. A few years yet, maybe.

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