Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, last Thursday we fell in love with this painting. It's better looking than this - hard to take a photo up on a wall and through the glass. The boats and the colors just seemed right and I could see it hanging on the bedroom wall above the low dresser.

Unfortunately, there were already residents on that wall: 6 framed samplers which had to be taken down. Plus a couple of others nearby which were distracting from the overall design.

Now when you remove pictures from a wall, you then have to patch up the holes. And then you have to repaint. And you have to declutter the dresser top because all that stuff looks bad. While you're moving things out (or just aside), you find the dust bunnies and have to shoo them out, too. Then the rest of the room looks crowded and more things are rearranged.

All that wonderful editing leads to a few boxes of stuff to be stored in the garage. In order to fit that in, you have to wiggle things around in the garage and that leads to more boxes which are moving somewhere else. Thrift shop, maybe, or the kids' houses.

But now it's all done and the painting looks lovely. It's only a print - nothing valuable - but it appeals to us. And since it's just for looks and fun, we won't feel too bad when it's turn comes to head out the door.

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