Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is usually one of my favorite things to do. I usually just wander around looking and trying on/out things in my mind. But yesterday, we had to go out to buy a dryer and we decided that some new clothes wouldn't be a bad idea, either. The dryer was the easy part. Took about 15 minutes to point at the one we'd researched and pay for it.

Clothes not so easy. Why don't the fashion mavens or clothes designers or ready-to-wear folks just take note that I want something simple. I had my mind set on a white blouse. Just a simple white blouse with buttons, a collar and sleeves. Preferably cotton. Well, the fabric wouldn't have mattered in the end because I couldn't find my heart's desire anywhere I looked. White was a very under-represented color in the first place. If I spied something white on a rack, my excitement was only rewarded with some baby doll-ish top or maybe a camisole. And almost everything that caught my eye was too small. Oh, I know why I used to sew most of my clothes. It's the only way to get exactly what you want. But, really...a white basic is that?

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Deb said...

You are probably a few months too late to find a white is probably a "winter" item. Try finding a warm/cozy housecoat at any other time other than December & it is like Mission Impossible!


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