Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting real

We're finalizing the details of our trip to Ireland in July. All that finding of hotels and deciding which nights are spent where. The actual locations we're visiting have been worked out already.

Sometimes, it would be nice just to go without a plan and wing it. But I am the spontaneous one and travel with an organizer and it's best to let organizers get on with it. In the end, I appreciate knowing I will have a place to lay my head. It all works out.

This is my great-grandfather who came from Ireland. I think we may have better travelling conditions but just as beautiful scenery. The photo was taken in Nova Scotia.

The more concrete the plans become the more exciting it is. I'm having visions about Dublin and all the places I want to see there. And all the other towns we're scheduled to visit, too. I doubt there's enough time to do everything I dream. Isn't that always the way?

One thing that has surfaced in my mind. I will be computerless for a whole two weeks. I'm not sure I can stand not blogging and sharing the fun and photos as they happen. Just a two day road trip generated so much stuff. So, I'm researching lightweight notebooks at the moment. I figure if we carry a camera why not a computer?


Anonymous said...

Will you be meeting any Irish Ravelry folk? I would think that you'll be bringing home a little Irish Handspun.

Joanna said...

We brought a computer on our trips to Mexico and I loved being able to blog. Mind you, we were in a vehicle, but all the same...

Paws on the Run said...

I love my netbook - it is small, light and cheap! It isn't great for looking at photos though as the monitor is quite small.


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