Saturday, May 9, 2009

No rest

At some time in the history of this house, the front steps were covered in slate. It's OK but really gives a dated appearance. Watching the home reno shows gives us such ideas!

Over the years, some of the edges have cracked and broken off. Worse, over the last cold winter, water got under those cracked bits, froze and lifted some of the slate pieces. It was just looking pretty shabby.

So, this morning's project was to lift off all the slates and see what it looked like underneath. This is pretty risky since, the deed having been done, there's no going back. But, our intrepid demolition expert got to work.

It's better than expected. We'll have to decide on a resurfacing method since the concrete below is not so pretty. The timing is ideal, though, as we're planning on painting the house. I'm looking forward to a new color and the new look.


Joanna said...

You're very brave to take on such a task. Something in the air maybe that gets us going this time of year?

Rudee said...

You're very industrious this spring, aren't you? I like slate, but can see how it could be a problem. What color are you painting the house?

Paws on the Run said...

Sounds like I won't even recognize the place next time I visit!

Stephanie V said...

Joanna - bravery is very close to stupidity sometimes.

Rudee- you won't believe it but we have almost decided on a slate-ish gray.

Wendy - we didn't know where to turn in on the first day! It's getting better


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