Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green meme

Think Green Thursday is hosted by Pagan Sphinx. It's not just about the color green but about how we live in our world.

But green is my 'bestest' color. It's so cool and soothing to be in a garden or a forest. I can feel my spirit being refreshed just smelling the cool garden outside my window. I love looking at the many, many shades of green that I can see on one hill as the leaves grow in the spring.

So, here are my entries for Green Thursday...

we live in a rain forest - this old giant is wearing his green moss overcoat proudly...

this is the clematis that we were so worried about after having to move it to rebuild the carport. It has rewarded us with a lot of green leaves and one bloom!


Joanna said...

That tree in his overcoat is just lovely. I like the image you've created too.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I love the green cast on the trees.


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