Saturday, May 2, 2009


Our first morning started out bright and early in Sidney. This is a a village which is quickly growing and walking the tightrope of being picturesque for tourists yet liveable for its residents. An uneasy balance. This old fellow is one of several sculptures placed on occasional benches around town. He looked a little down and it was nice that someone (not me) had given him a bouquet of dandelions. It seemed a bit sad that the bench faced in to the sidewalk. I think he would have liked to be looking out to the sea.

After spending the morning roaming around the town , we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach watching a pair of harlequin ducks bounce from rock to rock. No one there - just us, the sea and the sunshine.

Our afternoon we spent inside. I had always wanted to see the Butterfly Gardens so we took the opportunity of being right there. It was indoors but the sun streamed through a skylight and the misters kept the air so humid. Man, was it hot in there!

This one reminded me of a leaf-cutter ant carrying it's cargo back to the nest. But those are really the butterfly's wings. Great camouflage - I would have been fooled.

This pretty one landed on my arm. It felt a bit prickly and sticky.

This bird fascinated us because we could see her hiding in the bushes. Anne went chasing her with the camera and ended up being her bff. Apparently, this is an ibis from Peru with a sad history. She's without a mate and broody. She brought Anne branches and laid them at her feet. When that didn't get the desired reaction, she pecked at her ankles with that long, curved beak and followed her with the branches. It was funny in a sad sort of way.

Just two more...

I loved seeing the beautiful creatures but kind of wished that they were free. But I know I wouldn't see them at all if they were and I come away with conflicted feelings.


Joanna said...

I'm amazed at the one that looks like a big broken leaf. Incredible camouflage. I don't think that butterflies know if they're caged or free though. It was great seeing you and Ann yesterday.

Mimi said...

Beautiful photos, you're an ace with a camera! I agree with you about the old man statue, I want to twist him around a little,drape his arm over the bench and have him gazing out to sea, mimi

Rudee said...

We went to the butterfly house at the zoo yesterday. Your pictures are lovely. I agree, the statue should be turned around.

Anonymous said...

A butterfly house is like being in another world. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about their captivity. But going there is like a mini vacation to the tropics and we need that here sometimes! Love the blue butterflies.



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