Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday wonders - J

J is for Jacuzzi.

Our birdbath hangs from a branch of the pine tree beside our back deck. It's just a big ceramic dish in a hanging planter and it's up high to keep the cats away - although the squirrels will drink from it when it's really hot and dry. The water drips very slowly from a tiny hose and keeps the water fresh. Birds will congregate on the chain and sip from the hose. The plants were new here but they've grown and bushed out a bit. Fittingly, the flowers are called 'angel's wings'.

Every day in the summer, the birds come for a dip around dinnertime. It's great entertainment! The robins are so vigorous that one can use up all the water. The bushtits gather by the dozen. Finches are wary and don't seem to like to get wet but will if it's very hot. The nuthatch only drinks - that we've seen. Even the crows have used the facility.

This is a chickadee who's come on his own for a bit of a splash.


Joanna said...

What a lovely idea to have a bird bath in a moss basket. It looks like you can get quite close up to see the birds that visit.

Rudee said...

Great idea for the birds. They are entertaining, aren't they?


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