Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday wonders -H

H is for Handmade...

For those items in our lives that have been created by one person with a love for the craft. The object connects us with the person who created it. We can touch it, hold its weight, caress its shape and imagine the creator. Here are a few of the pieces in our house that connect us with the past.

...the pine cupboard that Anne's father made. favorite bowl, made by Anne during her extensive pottery-making years

...three bears from a time in my life when I needed to hold on to history: one made from an ancient family quilt, one made from a jacket my Dad used to wear and one made from Anne's mom's old Persian lamb coat of Anne's stained glass pieces that had been a gift to an elderly aunt who loved blue and Log Cabin quilts

...a wooden box made by my daughter, a ceramic box made by older son and a little dog fashioned by my younger son. I use the box for buttons and the 'face' for quilting pins. The dog has lost his long, floppy ears but still jauntily cocks his leg. They all make me smile.

Every handmade piece is a moment captured in time. The person who made the item is no longer here. We change as we move through the years. Kids grow up, parents pass on.

Handmade objects preserve a personality, a talent, a passion, a need.


Rudee said...

Such beautiful words you've written to match these objects. I love my handmade treasures, but none more than the ones made by or for the loved ones who are no longer here.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder what you will choose to highlight your alphabet, great this week. I still only get half of your pictures. Isn't that strange. Loved the glass quilt.

Joanna said...

I knew you were really creative Steph; now I know that Anne is too. The stained glass is lovely.
Yes, our handmade things are very special. I treasure a cedar chest made by my father--who died when I was two years old so I don't even remember him--but I feel a little bit of him is still with me because of his handiwork on the chest.


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