Saturday, May 2, 2009

Short vacation

But lots and lots of photos. We packed as many new experiences as we could into the last three days. It's been amazing. The weather cooperated and we had near-summer sunshine which leads to outdoor activities.

Our journey started with the ferry to Nanaimo and a drive down the Island Highway to Ladysmith where we visited our favorite thrift store.

Then we headed off to Genoa Bay for lunch just because it sounded good. And good it was. Here is where we had lunch: fine dining where we didn't expect it at all.

beet, pear and feta salad...

and Thai mussels with fries - mmm...

From our table we had this view

Which came with a sea otter...

a great blue heron...

and an Anna's hummingbird...
...all looking for a little lunch, too.

Looking back at our restaurant from the marina - the tide is out. The big rock on the right isn't a rock at all. It's a lump of metal filings from mining and milling days here and sports some of the many metal sculptures made locally.

Of the 71 permanent residents, a few live aboard houseboats. There is a metal scuptor who has decorated much of the marina with his work. Almost every wall down one of the wharf fingers has two or three pieces. His materials are the industrial 'rubbish' left from the old days: chains, bearings, saw blades, bolts, wrenches and old rope.

And our trip wasn't over. Expect more photos.

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Rudee said...

I love places like this. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip.


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