Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday fun

This was Friday. Our seniors' association is having a garage and book sale tomorrow. So, we spent the day setting up. It started out like this:

And by noon it looked like this:

and outside, volunteers readied plants from our garden. Our building is a heritage house owned by the daughter of a pioneer in our area. She never married and lived her whole life in the same house which she gave to the community on her death. She had a famous garden and it has been beautifully restored on a smaller scale. So, when the plants outgrow their space, the gardener divides and pots them up for sale in the spring. Every year there are more.

Before I left I took some flower shots just for myself. here is one of the lovely alliums....

Tomorrow it will be all business.

Last note: the wireless problem has been resolved. The Guy Who Helps has absolutely no idea what he really did for two hours but we're online again. Ye-e-ss!

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Rudee said...

Glad you're back in touch. Have fun tomorrow.


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